Kelsey Street Press was founded in 1974 to address the marginalization of women

writers by small press and mainstream publishers. From the beginning, the Press has 

linked its editorial policy to a poeticsof allowance, encouraging women to write 

directly from their own creative imperatives, and to a poetics of inclusion that 

embraces racial and cultural diversity.

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We would like to announce Kelsey Street Press’ 2023 QTBIPOC Prize!

This is a FREE book contest open to QTBIPOC-identified, feminist, innovative writers/poets. The winning manuscript will be chosen by Ching-In Chen, winner of the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Best Transgender Poetry for recombinant (Kelsey Street Press, 2017). The prize winner will receive publication along with a $1,000.00 cash award to help aid in book promotion, travel, event attendance, and a general contribution to the hopes of thriving as an artist.This prize continues Kelsey Street’s commitment to publishing a poetics of inclusion. The contest is open for submissions from March 15-June 15, 2023, with the contest winner announced in September 2023.

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